ESCAC talent wins at Docs Barcelona

The documentary Desde una cicatriz directed by 4 ESCAC students wins the DOC-Uno award.
20.05.19 - Escac talent,

The documentary Desde una cicatriz directed by Uma Ferrer, Judit Guash, Lucía Garcia and Blanca Gutiérrez, students of Foundation (pre-university) course at ESCAC, has won the DOC-Uno award at Docs Barcelona. DOC-Uno is a section dedicated to showcasing Catalan university documentary talent.

Desde una cicatriz is a short film produced within an intensive workshop of Fundation course of the ESCAC where the 4 students, aged 18, had 9 days to do the pre-production, shooting, editing and post-production of the short film.

Synopsis: “Brave, forceful and true to myself”. This is how Teresa is defined after suffering a car accident that almost cost her life. Two years later, she is still struggling to overcome the physical and psychological scars it has caused her.