Introducing THIS IS ESCAC, the school’s new spot

Directed by graduates Lucas Parra and Beto Gross, the new spot is a tribute to the cinema we love.
27.10.22 - School,
The directors Lucas Parra and Beto Gross, together with a team of graduates, have recreated the most mythical scenes of Hollywood cinema in this new spot for the school: THIS IS ESCAC.
About the spot

“When I went to the cinema as a child, I loved to see the legendary “Do you want to make films?” That advert marked my childhood because it was linked to all those films I loved. To have had the opportunity to make the new This is escac is a source of pride for me and the team that accompanies me”, says one of the directors, Lucas Parra.

For Beto Gross, “the challenge was quite big: how to transmit what ESCAC is in less than 2 minutes? It was very nice to see that in the process of this piece we have also experienced ESCAC in our own flesh. A place where many people who are learning come together to create something based on illusion. And that’s what we did. We got our hopes up.”

“Escac has given me total freedom, giving me a single slogan: do what you would have liked to see. We wanted to pay tribute to the films we love and we enjoyed having Indiana, Ripley, King Kong and many more on set,” says Lucas Parra. Gross adds that “this piece exists thanks to a large number of people who came one or more weekends to Terrassa to help. This can only be done with enthusiasm, so I want to thank all these people for their time, their effort and above all their enthusiasm. Without each and every one of the people who participated, there would be no spot”.

About the directors
The school renews its spot every two years, commissioning it to a new talent recently emerged from ESCAC. Lucas Parra, who graduated in 2021 with his TFG Entreterrestres (2021), selected at festivals such as Huesca (Audience Award), Sitges and BIFAN. He currently directs the audiovisual productions department at ESCAC.
Beto Gross graduated in 2019 with his TFG Grietas, selected and awarded at festivals such as ALCINE, FESCIGU, Oberhausen Film Festival, Camerimage or Tallinn Black Nights – Pöff Shorts. His second short film, “SOLO” (2022), received support from the ICEC and the ICAA and is a candidate for the Gaudí Awards, among other distinctions. He is currently developing his debut feature “Catorce de marzo”, with which he has participated in the development laboratories Ekran+ 2021 (Poland) and My First Script 2021 of the Zagreb International Film Festival (Croatia), both with the support of Europa Creativa Media, as well as in the script laboratory Faberllull 2022 (Spain). The script has recently won the Honourable Mention of the Julio Alejandro Award of the SGAE.
Direction: Lucas Parra i Beto Gross
Direction of photography: Daniel Benejam
Production management: Daniela Combe
Banda sonora: Arnau Bataller
Editing: Oriol Domènech
Sound designer: Arnau Rosset
Costume designer: Lily Roberts
Production designer: Judit A. Martí
Art directors: Arianna Miuccio, Luna Guerrero, Clara Miñan, Ana Maria Rodriguez, Marc Pujol, Lua Mirella, Marta Marín, Sebastián Rubilar, Catalina Palacios, Delia Ponce, Rose Ortega, Begonia Pérez, Valentina García, Natascha Rivera, Claudia Chacón, Elisabet Huguet, Airam Rubio, Cassandra Holden, Rosa Ramírez, Alicia Simón, Daniela Suárez, África Gómez, Claudia Cobas
VFX Supervisor: Lluís Castells
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