‘La última virgen’ first prize in the short film contest of Versión Española and Fundación SGAE

Graduate Bárbara Farré's final project is a journey back to adolescence.
18.12.18 - Escac Films,

The short film La última virgen, the final project of graduate Bárbara Farré, produced by Escac Films and with a technical team made up of ESCAC graduates, has won the award for Best Short Film in the Versión Española TVE – Fundación SGAE competition.

The short film, which already won the award for Best Short Film at the last edition of the Malaga Film Festival, has also been nominated for the Gaudí Awards.

La última virgen is a journey back to adolescence. An adolescence that, despite being portrayed within the “post-millennial” generation, is still an experience lived in all past generations.
According to its director, “Although La última virgen may seem like a sociological study, in reality the intention was always to travel on a “sensorial” level with our protagonist, Sara, where the spectator could be part of an experience with her”. “For me, La última virgen is the result of observing everything that was happening around me and that apparently no one seemed to care about. It is clear that adolescent experiences can never be avoided and that many of them make us mature and evolve as people, but I think it is also good not to paint everything in rosy colours and to approach reality in a cruder and more honest way”.

La última virgen be available on the FILMIN platform from Wednesday 19 December.


Sara, a 13-year-old girl, has the need to abandon her innocence to enter the adult world in order to fit in with her group of friends. Enveloped by a world where appearance reigns, Sara will be forced to force her will, thus becoming one more victim of society.
A portrait of the 2000s generation where mobile phones, the Internet and premature sexuality cannot go unnoticed.