‘Mamífera’, by Alumni Liliana Torres, arrives at the cinemas

24.04.24 - Escac talent,

‘Mamífera’, the latest creation of Alumni Liliana Torres, arrives in cinemas this April 26.

The two main protagonists, Lola and Bruno, are embodied respectively by María Rodríguez and Enric Auquer. It is the third fiction feature film by the director with which she closes her trilogy about family and couple, also composed by ‘Family Tour’ (2013) and ‘What did we wrong?’ (2021).


Lola enjoys a happy life with her partner, Bruno, until an unexpected pregnancy revolutionizes all her plans. Although Lola has always been clear that being a mother does not go with her, she now feels questioned by social expectations and faces her internal fears. During the three days they have to wait until their appointment arrives at the clinic, Lola approaches her friends and family with the intention of reaffirming her decision. Bruno had never imagined himself as a father. So far.

¡Great congratulations to the whole team and lots of luck!

See you at the cinema.