New colour correction room opens

We opened the new colour correction room with a professional system at the same level as can be found in the industry today.
31.05.19 - School,Education,

At ESCAC we know the importance of a good post-production, that’s why our students have a new room that will allow them to make colour correction of short and feature films with a professional system at the same level that they could find today in the industry.

The new ESCAC colour room is equipped with 18 seats, a DLP Barco 2k DCI projector and a 6-metre wide projection screen. The colour software is Davinci Resolve on an HP Z8 workstation with dual graphics card and 160TB of fast storage connected at 40Gb/s, a speed that allows working with any format and current resolution.

The director of the master’s degree in photography, Jordi Bransuela, director of cinematography and colourist, together with David Avecilla, a ESCAC graduate in cinematography and also a colourist, are responsible for the room, where, in addition to the students’ work, two students will be trained each year as colourists and in the handling and management of the room. The aim is to train professionals for their incorporation into the labour market with specialised training in colour.