Fila Zero Programme March and April

Fila Zero is a programme of screenings and masterclasses aimed at the entire ESCAC community
01.03.22 - School,Escac Films,

Through the Final Degree Short Films (TFGs), the Final Master Short Films (TFMs) and second short films produced by Escac Films, Fila Zero is a sample of the variety of voices and genres that have emerged in ESCAC throughout its more than 25 years of existence.

In addition, during the month of March we will receive the visit of personalities from the industry who will come to share their long experience and trajectory with the students of ESCAC.

– 2 March 15.30h Diego San José and Borja Cobeaga. Masterclass on Creation, directing and screenwriting. Registration here.
– 18 March 15.30h Juan Pedro de Gaspar. Masterclass in Artistic Direction. Registration here.
– April 28th 15.30h. Teresa Font. Masterclass in Editing. Registration here

The Escac Films Short Film Showcase consists of 20 sessions of three short films each, from 14h to 16h. Check here for the full programme of the month.

Week 1:

Mis Vacaciones -JA Bayona – 1999
La huida- Victor Carrey – 2010
Café para llevar- Patrícia Font – 2014

Week 2:

La última virgen – Bàrbara Farré – 2017
Ni oblit ni perdó – Jordi Boquet Claramunt – 2019
En la azotea – Damià Serra Cauchetiez – 2016

Week 3:

Hogar, hogar – Carlos Alonso Ojea – 2013
Ringo – Adrià Pagès – 2017
Ama – Júlia de Paz Solvas – 2019

Week 4:

Alex – Laura García – 2014
Club silencio – Irene Albanell Mellado – 2021
El escarabajo al final de la calle – Joan Vives – 2018