GRACIAS POR MIRAR (THANK YOU FOR LOOKING), a play by 4th year undergraduates, is premiered

The play GRACIAS POR MIRAR (THANKS FOR LOOKING), created in a writing workshop of the Degree, premieres at Aquitània Teatre.
23.05.22 - Escac talent,Education,

Thanks for watching
What would happen if one day you discovered that your house was full of cameras?

From 02.06.22 to 26.06.22, Teatre Aquitània de Barcelona

Thank you for watching is a play written and directed by former students of the Degree in Filmmaking Daniela Univazo, Jamie Southon and Brenda Zavala. The play was born in 2021 in a writing workshop of the Degree’s Scriptwriting speciality, with the playwright Marta Buchaca. One year later, its directors and scriptwriters have managed to take it to a professional and commercial theatre in Barcelona, the Aquitània Teatre.

One night, Lucas, Minerva and Enzo, three flatmates who are hiding more than one secret from each other, discover that their house is full of spy cameras. They point them at the beds where they sleep, even in the bathroom… Their whole house is full of tiny objects that none of the three say they have ever seen before.
In desperation, the three characters begin to doubt even the one next to them. If it wasn’t one of them, who could have placed them?
A fast-paced comedy clue about privacy and shame in which nothing is what it seems.