‘Show Business’, the professional world in a comedy style

Created by graduates Oriol Pérez and Serapi Soler, the series narrates the difficulties of two young filmmakers to achieve their dream.
22.10.18 - Escac talent,

Show Business, a web series created and directed by graduates Oriol Pérez and Serapi Soler, is a comedy that narrates the difficulties of two young filmmakers trying to break into the professional world.

The first season recounted the experiences of the two protagonists in making Losers, their first Low Cost film. With it, they won the Jury Prize at the III Showcase of Fiction Pilots at the Zoom Festival in Igualada and the series was broadcast on betevé’s ‘Tub d’assaig’ programme. The second season, consisting of five episodes, was also broadcast on betevé and is now available on their You Tube channel.

Two years have passed since the failure of their first low cost film. After a long time away from the world of cinema, Oriol and Serapi are going through their worst moment. Just when they think everything is lost, they receive a call from a producer. The Catalan director Dani de la Orden has to abandon the project of his new film a few days before shooting it. The producers have very little time to find an alternative and all the renowned directors are busy. Without knowing how and by a highly improbable chance, the project ends up in the hands of Oriol and Serapi. They have the opportunity of a lifetime in front of them, but what they don’t know is that if they couldn’t make a low cost film, let alone a big budget film.

Oriol Pérez and Serapi Soler, directors, screenwriters and editors of the series, have surrounded themselves with their ESCAC colleagues to make the series: Adrià Guardiola and Toni Vidal as directors of cinematography, Julia Camarassa and Adrià Porta in Art, Guillem Carvajal and Eloy Rodríguez in Sound and Alvaro Trinidad as assistant director.