Ten ESCAC graduates among the nominees for the 10th Gaudí Awards

Our graduates have been nominated for Best Documentary, Short Film, Editing, Visual Effects and Best Film.
28.12.17 - Escac talent,

These are the ten Escac graduates who have been nominated for the X Gaudí Awards de l’Acadèmia del Cinema Català. Congratulations!

  • Fèlix Colomer for Sasha (Best Documentary)
  • Roser Aguilar for Brava (Best Catalan Language Film)
  • Kike Maíllo and Toni Carrizosa for La llamada (Best Non-Catalan Language Film)
  • Anna Pfaff for Estiu 1993 (Editing)
  • Ariadna Ribas for Julia Ist (Editing)
  • Lluís Rivera for Proyecto Lázaro (Vfx)
  • Laura Ferrés for Los deheredados (Short film)
  • Pau Teixidor for Cunetas (Short film)
  • Belén Funes for La inútil (Short film)

ESCAC graduates have won 30 Gaudí Awards so far. The winners of this year’s edition will be announced on 28 January and we hope to add some more. Good luck to everyone!