The 3rd Session of the Ópera Prima Laboratory comes to an end

ESCAC holds the third and last face-to-face meeting of the Ópera Prima 2022 Laboratory, a programme that has developed six audiovisual projects for the industry.
15.12.22 - Escac Studio,

As the third on-site activity of the Laboratory, its members participated in the Opera Prima Conference held on the ESCAC campus on 12, 13 and 14 December, where they presented their projects in one-to-one sessions to prominent members of the national and international industry, such as Carles Montiel (Mediapro), Pío Vernis (Brutalmedia), Eva Diederix (Wild Bunch), Nuria Valls (Nostromo), Xavi Toll and Paloma Molina (Zeta Studio), María Contreras (Amazon), María Rubín (Movistar), Nadine Rothschild (Coproduction Office), Francesca Perin and Óscar Alonso (Latido Films) and Eddie Bertozzi (Locarno Film Festival).

They also received tutorials in various technical specialities (photography direction, art direction, production) and were able to record the audiovisual presentation of their projects in video-pitch format.

All these activities complemented the actions carried out in the first two face-to-face meetings of this year’s edition: the first training sessions focused on marketing and audiovisual exploitation, within the framework of the ESCAC Proyecta Awards, and the second focused on screenwriting, directing and financing, within the framework of the Sitges Film Festival. Both sessions ended with a presentation of the projects to prominent members of the industry.

Throughout the programme, the projects have been monitored by different tutors: producers Mercedes Gamero, Pablo Nogueroles, Sandra Tapia, Xavi Toll and Orlando Arriagada, screenwriters Michel Gaztambide, Marta Buchaca, Tomàs Aragay and Laia Soler and directors Belén Funes and Mar Coll.

The 6 projects participating in this edition of the Ópera Prima laboratory are:

  • ÉXTASIS (Series)
    Authors: Lucía Rodríguez Malvido and Marina Wagner Moll.
    Producer: Lucía Rodríguez Malvido.
  • SEMILLAS DE KIVU (Documentary)
    Author: Néstor López Ferreira.
  • ECO (Feature Fiction)
    Authors: Ignacio Gutiérrez-Solana Aizpurua and Jordi Farga Ruiz.
  • LA IMATGE PERMANENT (Feature Fiction)
    Author: Laura Ferrés Moreno.
    Producers: Adrià Monés Murlans and Ariadna Rodríguez.
  • SACAMANTECAS (Feature Fiction)
    Authors: David Pérez Sañudo, Sergio Granda, Joanes Urkixo and Asier Guerricaechevarría.
    Producers: Kevin Iglesias and Elena Maeso.
  • SALEN LAS LOBAS (Feature Fiction)
    Author: Claudia Estrada Tarascó.
    Producer: Alba Sotorra Clua and Mar Maduell.

Throughout the Laboratory, these projects have consolidated their content and their industrial proposal for the market. This has allowed them to expand and consolidate their funding and achieve the necessary collaboration agreements for their viability and successful implementation.

The Ópera Prima Laboratory, which is financed by the ICAA and the Next Generation funds, is a programme open to new authors and producers of our cinematography so that they can develop their first feature films, series or products in new audiovisual formats, whether documentary or fiction, with the aim of being exploited industrially.