Shooting ‘Nudes,’ the new series from 3Cat in collaboration with ESCAC Studio

ESCAC Studio and Vértigo Films have joined forces for the new Som3cat series, 'Nudes,' which explores the dangers of nude photo leaks on social media

The new series from 3Cat aims to raise awareness among teenagers, in particular, and society at large, about how to handle incidents of online abuse. It depicts overcoming shame and shifts the focus of blame onto those who share intimate photos, rather than placing blame on the subjects of the images.

The series follows the stories of three teenagers, Sofia (16), Marc (17), and Ada (14), who must learn to regain control of their lives after three episodes of intimate image leaks. Three emerging directors lead each of the three stories, showcasing a commitment to young talent.

Produced by authors (director and script) and technical heads who are ESCAC students, it is a remake of an award-winning Norwegian miniseries recognized as the Best Youth Series in Norway and the UK.

Soon, we will be able to see the Spanish remake created by our talented individuals. Congratulations on the work done so far, let’s keep going!