The Sound School, new sound course

We created The Sound School, a new technical course to meet the huge market demand.
21.03.22 - Education,

The Sound School is part of a new training concept created by ESCAC in 2018.

The irruption of audiovisual platforms and the high demand for both cinematographic and serialised content have created a need for specialists and technicians throughout the chain of professionals who produce this content.

Technical training does not require such a broad educational background, as storytellers who are trained in the ESCAC degree do.

That is why technical schools train these qualified professionals through their “learning by doing” methodology. In a course of no more than a year and a half they will be able to form part of the audiovisual industry, both in terms of content and attitude, acquired during their training at our school.

To access this course you do not need to pass the university entrance exams or have any previous qualifications. Students of The Sound School will work in the practical area with both undergraduate and Master’s students, obtaining in a year and a half of training advanced theoretical and practical knowledge that, due to the high demand of current professionals, will allow them to integrate in a very short period of time in high-level professional productions.

After completing The Sound School, the student will be able to work as a live sound technician, microphone operator, ADR and Foley studio technician, music recording studio technician, dialogue editor or effects editor.

Start date: September 2022. Find out all about the new course at The Sound School.