‘Un Lugar Común’, Celia Giraldo’s Opera Prima, Premieres at D’A Film Fest

09.04.24 - School,

Celia Giraldo, ESCAC graduate, premieres her first feature film ‘Un Lugar Común’ at D’A Film Fest, the Barcelona Auteur Film Festival. The project has emerged from ESCAC’s Laboratori Òpera Prima and is produced by ESCAC Studio.

The film is the solo debut of the director, who had already excelled in the world of directing with her collective feature film ‘La filla d’algú’, as well as in the short film ‘Te busco en todos’ presented at D’A in 2019. In addition, Celia has recently co-directed several episodes of the award-winning TV series ‘Això no es Suècia’, winner of the Prix Europa, nominated for the Feroz Awards and recently at Cannes Series.

Un Lugar Común

‘Un Lugar Común’ tells the story of a woman, played by Eva Llorach, who lives immersed in a routine she has never questioned: work, family and housework. Everything changes when she is fired, leading her to a profound identity crisis and the opportunity to reinvent herself. Giraldo skillfully captures this narrative, exploring themes of existentialism and generational clash.

Un Lugar Común’ promises to be not just a film, but a cinematic experience that will generate dialogue. With the combination of Celia Giraldo’s emerging talent and the brilliant performance of the lead actresses, Eva Llorach and Mia Sala Patau, this work is sure to open up essential conversations.

The film will be released theatrically in the summer of 2024.

¡Congratulations to the entire team that made it possible!