‘Vida Perfecta’, Best Comedy Series at the Feroz Awards

Produced by graduate Oriol Maymó, it has graduates in all departments.
17.01.20 - Escac talent,

Vida perfecta, the series created by Leticia Dolera for Movistar+, won the Feroz Award for Best Comedy Series last night.

Produced by graduate Oriol Maymó, co-directed by Ginesta Guindal, with Marc Gomez del Moral as DoP, Laia Ateca as art director, with Queralt González in editing, Víctor Tort as sound designer, and so many other graduates in all departments. The series had 5 nominations. The series won the Best Series Award and the Special Acting Award for its three female leads at the Cannes Film Festival and already has a second season planned.

The Feroz Award for Best Drama Series went to Hierro, which features graduate and professor Diana Toucedo in editing.

The Feroz Awards are the film awards given by the Asociación de Informadores Cinematográficos de España and had these nominations of Escac talent.