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History of the ESCAC Foundation

The Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia) was founded in 1993 as an offshoot of the vocational studies programme in Image and Sound of Centre Calassanç.
ESCAC is a member of the International Association of Film and Televisions Schools (CILECT), which represents 120 educational centres specialized in audiovisual creation, and a founding member of the European Grouping of Film and Television Schools (GEECT) and the Federation of Latin American Image and Sound Schools (FEISAL).

Trustees of the ESCAC Foundation

Universitat de Barcelona

Escola Pia de Catalunya

Ajuntament de Terrassa


Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España.



In our 25-year history, we’ve had various logos. Here you’ll find our current logo.


If you’re long on talent but are short on financial resources, we’ll help you find a way to learn with us.
At the ESCAC Foundation, 13% of our budget is reserved for scholarships to cover the cost of our BA in Cinematography (Official degree) and the pre-university course, Foundation.
We want to give young people who are talented and eager to learn the chance to attend ESCAC and find their path in the film and audiovisual industry.


Various companies and institutions support our scholarship programme. Thanks to the collaboration of Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC), SGAE Foundation, Cinesa, DAMA and Resa, over 100 low-income students attend ESCAC each year.


Fundación SGAE



Escac Team

Director’s office

Director: Sergi Casamitjana

Academic Staff

  • Curriculum Director: Aintza Serra
  • Director of Studies: Jaume Macià
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking Coordinators: Jaume Macià ext.116 (1º) and Yago Alcover ext. 153 (2º and 3º)
  • Master’s Degree in Film and Screen Studies: Jaume Macià ext. 116
  • Speciality Master’s Degree Coordinator: Laura Diego ext. 109
  • ESCAC Master’s Programmes Coordinator: Christian Checa ext. 124 y Albert Aynés ext. 107
  • One Year Filmmaking Course Coordinator: Christian Checa ext. 124
  • Foundation Course Coordinator: Albert Aynés ext. 107
  • Set Construction Course Coordinator: Tere Zuluaga ext. 126
  • VFX School Coordinator: Lio Estivill
  • Editing Coordinator: Alfredo Ruiz ext. 118
  • Cinematography Coordinator: Jordi Bransuela ext. 136
  • Documentary Coordinator: Orlando Arriagada
  • Sound Coordinator: Claudi Dosta

  • Art Coordinator: Tere Zuluaga ext. 126
  • Postproduction Services Coordinator: Gisela Casas ext. 159
  • Assistance – Pedagogical department: Dalal Battikh ext. 141
  • Assistance – Art department: Judit Alonso
  • Head of Script Department: Aintza Serra
  • Head of Editing Department: Elena Ruiz
  • Head of Sound Department: Marc Bech
  • Head of VFX Department: Luís Castells / Júlia Francino
  • Head of Documentary Department: Diana Toucedo
  • Head of Directing Department: Mar Coll
  • Head of Production Design Department: Tere Zuluaga
  • Head of DOP Department: Vanesa Sola
  • Head of Production Department: Laura Diego and Xavier Parache
  • Head of Film Studies Department: Sergi Sánchez
  • Head of Technology:  Xavier Bonet
  • Media Library: Luis Ortubia ext.166

Admissions and Student Services

Communications and Marketing



Escac Films

Cine Base


Director: Sergi Casamitjana


  • Directora de Currículum: Aintza Serra
  • Director d’Estudis: Jaume Macià
  • Coordinadors del Grau en Cinematografia: Jaume Macià ext.116 (1º) i Yago Alcover ext. 153 (2º y 3º)
  • Coordinador del Màster Universitari en Estudis de Cinema i Cultures Visuals: Jaume Macià ext. 116
  • Coordinadora del Màster Superior d’Especialitat: Laura Diego ext. 109
  • Coordinadors de Màsters Propis: Christian Checa ext. 124 i Albert Aynés ext. 107
  • Coordinador del curs One Year Filmmaking: Christian Checa ext. 124
  • Coordinador del curs Foundation: Albert Aynés ext. 107
  • Coordinadora del curs Construcció Efímera: Tere Zuluaga ext. 126
  • Coordinador VFX School: Lio Estivill
  • Coordinador de Muntatge: Alfredo Ruiz ext. 118
  • Coordinador de Fotografia: Jordi Bransuela ext. 136
  • Coordinador de Documental: Orlando Arriagada
  • Coordinador de So: Claudi

  • Coordinadora d’Art: Tere Zuluaga ext. 126
  • Coordinadora de Serveis de Postproducció: Gisela Casas ext. 159
  • Assistència departament d’Art: Judit Alonso
  • Cap departament Guió: Aintza Serra
  • Cap departament Muntatge: Elena Ruiz
  • Cap departament So: Marc Bech
  • Cap departament VFX: Luís Castells / Júlia Francino
  • Cap departament Documental: Diana Toucedo
  • Cap departament Direcció: Mar Coll
  • Caps departament Producció: Laura Diego i Xavier Parache
  • Cap departament Direcció Artística: Tere Zuluaga
  • Cap departament Direcció de Fotografia: Vanesa Sola
  • Cap departament Film Studies: Sergi Sánchez
  • Cap departament de Tecnologia: Xavier Bonet
  • Mediateca: Luis Ortubia ext.166

Admissions i Atenció a l’estudiant

  • Cap departament d’Admissions: Aritz Lekuona ext. 101
  • Informació i admissions: Iván Llano  ext. 101
  • Secretaria Acadèmica: Marta Figueras ext.104
  • Beques: ext. 102
  • Escola – Empresa: Xavier Parache: ext. 165

Comunicació i màrqueting



Escac Films

Cine Base