3 Gaudí Awards for school graduates

The awards for Best Short Film, Best Effects and Best TV Film went to alumni of the school.
23.01.23 - Escac talent,

Yesterday was the 15th Gaudí Awards gala of the Catalan Film Academy, where there were a total of 16 nominations for alumni of the school. In the end, 3 awards went to former students of the school. Congratulations to all of them!

Best Visual Effects: Laura Pedro, for ONE YEAR, ONE NIGHT

Best short film: HARTA. Directed by Júlia de Paz, written by Júlia de Paz and Núria Dunjó, and produced by Sergio Grobas.

Best television film: SIS NITS D’AGOST. Directed by Ventura Durall, written by Jordi Lara and Ventura Durall, and produced by Ventura Durall and Paco Poch.

In the last editions of the Gaudí, ESCAC graduates have been present in the category of best short film, both with TFG short films and with second short films; Harta, Solo (2023), Animal Salvatge, Farrucas and L’Extrany (2022), Ni oblit ni perdó (2021), Tahrib (2020), La última virgen (2019), Los desheredados, La inútil (2018), En la azotea, Graffiti (2017), Nada S. A.(2016), Café para llevar, Álex (2015), highlighting the award obtained by Jordi Boquet in 2021 with his TFG Ni oblit ni perdó, Bárbara Farré in 2019 with her TFG La última virgen and Laura Ferrés in 2018 with her second short film Los desheredados.

With these 3 Gaudí Awards obtained in this edition, ESCAC graduates have obtained a total of 56 Gaudí Awards to date.