Alumna Zebina Guerra presents her first novel ARTES MARITALES MIXTAS PARA UNA FUGITIVA

«An uncomplicated and hilarious novel, with very funny dialogue and characters, and with love stories of the most bizarre and outrageous kind.»
15.02.18 - Escac talent,

Zebina Guerra presents her first novel, Artes maritales mixtas para una fugitiva, published by Reservoir Books.

Teacher of Scriptwriting at the school and alumni of the Master’s in Screenwriting, the Master’s in Directing and the Official Master’s, Zebina Guerra is also co-screenwriter of Mi Querida Cofradía, the last of the films to emerge from the Opera Prima Project, which is currently in post-production.

The idea for the novel was born in the Official Master’s Degree. «We were developing it in class in a series subject, we presented it to the industry, it didn’t take off and I decided to take the germ of that idea again, take it in new directions and turn it into a novel». Zebina Guerra tells us that her learning process at ESCAC has been continuous: «I was gaining more and more experience. Not only from the projects that turned out well and in which there was interest from the industry, but also from the failed ones that taught you which was not the right path… Everything contributes, everything adds up».


Sara has been fired from her job. She was a wedding planner in the most important company in the sector in Barcelona. But she made a mistake. Or two.
While her life is sinking by the minute, facing a stratospheric lawsuit and seeing a budding love affair with her former boss cut short, she receives a call that will change everything. Sara has to return to her hometown, Villajúbilo de Polvadares, where she has the opportunity to organise a tacky wedding.
This new stage in her life, which takes place among vineyards and verbenas, perhaps serves Sara to reconnect with her roots and with her childhood friends. Some more than others, if she manages to get rid of her big-city «self».

An uncomplicated and hilarious novel, with very funny dialogue and characters, and with the most bizarre and wild love stories.