ESCAC talent at the Feroz Awards

ESCAC graduates and alumni, in the productions nominated for the film awards given by the Spanish Association of Cinematographic Informers.
04.12.18 - Escac talent,

Today the nominations for the Feroz Awards, the film awards given by the Asociación de Informadores Cinematográficos de España, were announced. These are the ESCAC talented productions nominated:

Best Dramatic Film:

  • Viaje al cuarto de una madre,with Master in Production alumni Mar Medir as Executive Producer. The film has a total of 4 nominations.
  • Quién te cantará, with graduates Edu Grau in Cinematography Direction and Laia Ateca in Art Direction. The film has a total of 7 nominations.

Best Comedy Film:

  • Mi Querida Cofradía, a film that emerged from the previous edition of the ESCAC Opera Prima Programme and produced by ESCAC Films, with Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz directing and the team made up of graduates from the school.
  • Superlópez, with Javier Ruiz Caldera directing, Arnau Valls in Cinematography, Alberto de Toro in Editing, Oriol Tarragó and Marc Bech in Sound and Lluís Castells, Lluís Rivera and Laura de Pedro for the effects.

Best Drama Series:

  • Elite, with graduate Dani de la Orden directing and Master in Production alumni Iñaki Jauristi as executive producer.
  • El día de mañana, with graduates Marc Gómez del Moral as director of cinematography, Jordi Rossinyol in the sound team and Tere Zuluaga, Víctor Santacana, Carla Riera, Elisabeth Martí and Carlos Saladrigas in the art team. The series has a total of 5 nominations.
  • La Peste, with Pau Esteve Birba as director of cinematography. The series has 2 nominations.

Best comedy series:

  • Arde Madrid, with graduates Pau Estebe Birba in cinematography and Alberto de Toro in editing. The series has 7 nominations.
  • Paquita salas, with graduate Alberto Gutiérrez in editing. The series has 4 nominations.

Other categories:

  • Las distancias, a film that has received two nominations, is directed by Elena Trapé, with Miguel Ibañez Monroy in the screenplay, Liana Artigal in editing, Julián Elizalde in cinematography and Jordi Rossinyol Colomer in sound.
  • Ana de día, a film that has received a nomination, is directed by Master’s Degree in Directing alumni Andrea Jaurrieta, Master’s Degree in Cinematography alumni Juli Carné Martorell as director of cinematography and Master’s Degree in Art alumni Héctor Ayuso in the art department.
  • Mira lo que has hecho, a series that has obtained a nomination, has Enric Pardo as script coordinator; Alberto de Toro and Alberto Guitiérrez in editing; Ricard Canyellas as director of cinematography; Laura Díez as sound designer; Javier Rodero in original music and Toni Carrizosa as production manager, all of them graduates of the school. In the second season, Javier Ruiz Caldera joins as director and Sergi Vilanova as director of cinematography.

The Feroz Awards gala will be held on 19 January in Bilbao.