Fourth-grade plays fill the school

The theatre workshop of the fourth year script and art students will perform two plays in June.
29.05.18 - Escac talent,Education,

As every year, the fourth year art and screenwriting students, with the collaboration of the rest of the specialities, have prepared two plays to be performed on Friday 8th and 15th June on the school’s sets. Free admission until full capacity is reached.

La vida clara, 8 June at 4pm and 6pm.

Tutored by Marc Angelet and Enric Planas, written and directed by Tomàs Bayo, Daniel Belenguer, Miquel Grau, Martí Marcos and Mateu Sagarra. Art: Carlota González Adrio, Pol Conill and Bruna Ruiz.

Meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen for 4 years only to find out he’s given up beer. Meeting the girl you liked in high school. Quit your career. Or looking for one. Wanting to grow up too fast. Or too slow. Having your life too clear. Or nothing. What do you do with a life?

Juan, Vio, Marc and Julia. Four 21-year-olds meet again after a long time without seeing each other for an excursion as monitors of an esplai: a weekend where they will rethink their lives, the paths they have chosen since they finished high school and where they will discover the contradictions of love and friendship.

Annatomia, 15 June, at 16h and 18h.

Tutored by Alicia Serrat and Albert Pascual, written and directed by Gonzalo Belotto, Anna Puiggalí, Adrián Martín, Bianca Franceza and Marta Roig. Art: Laura Herrera and Mar Subirats.

Anna is a 21-year-old girl who, after discovering that her younger sister, Carlota, who is only 15, has lost her virginity before her, believes she is forced by her surroundings and by herself to do the same. Convinced that she is doing the right thing, her life will end up degenerating into a spiral of sexual situations that she will be unable to control.

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