‘Hidden Faces’, a final project of the Master’s in Documentary Filmmaking, premieres in Chile

'Caras ocultas' (Hidden Faces), a final project by a group of students from the Master's Degree in Documentary Film, premieres on the Chilean television channel 13TV
07.02.22 - Escac talent,Education,

The documentary, led by the student Mauro Espinosa, went through several phases and different tribunals in the Master’s Degree until it reached the production phase. In one of these tribunals were responsible for the Chilean channel. The idea of showing his work on Latin American screens captivated Mauro Espinosa from the beginning.

Hidden Faces is a documentary series that portrays the story of different citizens who, due to their personal circumstances, do not fit into the system and who are often left out of the usual tourist vision. That is to say, through these characters, a distant version is shown, “the other side of the tourist conception” of the great cities in the world, in this case Barcelona.

Behind the large orbs, there are interesting stories hidden in the corridors of the streets, inspiring and exciting those who witness their brilliance, eccentricity and simplicity.

“The backdrop is admirable, a modern, cosmopolitan Barcelona seen from an intimate corner. The version of a city that fosters and ferments different expressions of art, of survival, of personal image; no matter the colour of your skin, your preferences or beliefs, this documentary series shows a fragment of this complex and multicultural society that is also part of it”, said the creator of “Hidden Faces”.