LA MORT PETITA, award for best short film at the BCN FILM FEST

LA MORT PETITA, a final degree project (TFG) directed by Júlia Coldwell, has won the ESCAC Award for Best Short Film at the Barcelona-Sant Jordi International Film Festival, BCN FILM FEST, which was held in Barcelona from 21 to 29 April.
02.05.22 - Escac Films,

Adela is a single mother, hard-working and humble. While she works, her mother takes care of her son. Immersed in her obligations that do not allow her to think about her, she will be forced to open her eyes and face a new reality when, one early morning, her mother runs away from home and begins to show the first signs of dementia.

The short film was competing for the ESCAC Award for Best Short Film, with a cash prize, in a section that included a selection of 10 short films by young filmmakers from the ESCAC.

The Final Degree Projects (TFG) are the short films with which ESCAC students graduate. They are produced by Escac Films and with a technical team formed entirely at ESCAC.