Tahrib by Gerard Vidal, nominated for the Premis Gaudí

Gerard Vidal's final year short film, produced by ESCAC, nominated for Best Short Film at the Premis Gaudí.
05.12.19 - Escac Films,

Tahrib, Gerard Vidal‘s final short film, has been nominated for the Premis Gaudí in the category of Best Short Film.

Tahrib has participated in more than 100 national and international festivals, and has been distinguished with 30 awards. The short film is an ESCAC FILMS production in which, in addition to its director, the entire technical team is made up of ESCAC graduates.


Every year, thousands of African immigrants desperately try to reach the Spanish coasts, embarking on dangerous crossings across the Mediterranean. Tariq, a young Moroccan, works for one of the mafias that organizes these illegal crossings. His job is to ferry passengers across the Strait of Gibraltar without being caught. But each crossing may be his last.

Good luck!!!