The ESCAC talent behind Alfred García’s video clip ‘De la tierra hasta marte’.

Graduates and alumni from different master's degrees at the school, involved in the first video clip of the former OT contestant.

The videoclip of Alfred García’s eagerly awaited first single has a lot of ESCAC talent among its ranks. Directed by the school’s graduate and teacher Geoffrey Cowper, with editing by Pau Morell, Miquel Prohens in the photo direction, both graduates, and the Master of Arts student Heura Marimón as artistic director. The school’s VFX Lab was in charge of the special effects, with VFX Master’s student Luis Cossio as supervisor and graduate Lluís Castells as coordinator.

The video clip was released on 4 December and in just one week it has already reached more than one and a half million views on Youtube.

The album, called 1016 (the number he wore when he auditioned for Operación Triunfo), will be released on 14 December, and will include 16 songs, most of them composed during his time as a contestant on OT 2017 and co-produced by him.