‘The ESCAC XR Experience’ space is born

An initiative to learn about the new narratives born with augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.
18.01.19 - Escac Studio,Education,

ESCAC has created the space The ESCAC XR Experience, a commitment by the school to research and learn about the new type of narratives that are opening up thanks to the new technologies of augmented reality and virtual reality.

In order for the school’s students to get to know some of the work already done and to experiment with them, an XR Corner has been set up in the media library, which will be updating its contents month by month.

On the other hand, during the 2018-2019 academic year, a series of talks and masterclasses will be held with renowned XR artists and creators open to the entire ESCAC community. This project, which is extracurricular and transversal to the school’s entire educational offer, aims to introduce the basic concepts of augmented reality and virtual reality to all students and open the door to other narratives.

Finally, The ESCAC XR Experience project will culminate with a workshop for 20 students from the school where a piece based on this technology will be created and presented at the main XR events and festivals.