‘You Too’, the first film on Instagram Stories

A slasher told from 10 points of view and in 220 stories, with the viewer as the film's editor, jumping from profile to profile.
24.10.18 - Escac talent,

Graduate Manuel Garrote has directed a group of influencers in a slasher with 10 points of view, in which the viewer has been the editor of the film, jumping from profile to profile, from story to story.

A group of influencers, after shooting a video for a new platform, have to spend the night in a house far from the city, which will turn into a real mousetrap. They believe that sharing what is happening can save their lives, but what they don’t know is that the killer also has his own profile, and will be following them through their publications.

Several months ago, a platform called Youtoo began to be known, a platform that was to be the home of all those who no longer trust Youtube. But the real reason for this platform was none other than to incorporate the influencers who were later to star in the first film broadcast via Instagram stories.

The film was self-produced and shot on 5, 6 and 7 October (the story is made up of some 220 stories distributed among all the profiles) and was broadcast synchronously among all the accounts between 8.30 p.m. and 12.30 p.m. on Sunday 14 October, with the aim of getting people hooked on the film, believing that everything that was happening was real.

With this experiment, the creators wanted to encourage new audiovisual creation formats, and for production companies and channels to see young talents as a short-term future for their productions. In addition, #ProyectoYouToo aims to raise awareness among people, especially young people, that sharing your whole life on social networks can be very cool in terms of popularity, but also very dangerous for your safety.

In the director’s own words, «My goal was always that the format would work, that people would believe the story, so that more creators would be encouraged to experiment. We are a generation that has grown up in digital change, in our hands is also the power to reinvent fiction and the way to bring stories to the user. Based on this “#ProjectYouToo” was a success, there were a lot of people who believed in it until the end and we had a peak of one million live viewers, taking into account that there was no advertising to attract an audience… that’s pretty good». Asked about his plans for the future, Garrote replies that «I would like to continue exploring this avenue, and that of training and inspiring others in this type of creations so that they don’t put up barriers to creativity».