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Financial Controller

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Financial Controller

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Degree: Diploma in Financial Controller
Modality: online in streaming
Dates: To be confirmed
Duration: 80 hours
Language: Spanish
Course Director: Xavier Parache
Course Coordinator: Mar Henche


From the moment an audiovisual production starts, it is crucial for the good development and execution of the budget to have an exhaustive control of the cost generated and the future. The financial controller / production accountant is the figure in the production team in charge of this task. He or she is the link between the film crew and the production company’s financial department. Receives, filters and sorts the financial needs of all teams and works with the production manager to keep a close eye on each budget item.

Currently in our audiovisual sector, and thanks to the large volume of production that is being carried out, there is a very high demand for financial controller / production accountant in the market. The objective of the Financial Controller specialisation course is to train professionals who understand the functioning and priorities of this part of the production; who understand what is involved in making a good cost and what knowledge or tools they should have at their disposal in their day-to-day work; while visualising the control process from the beginning of the production to the end of the process, reporting so that the line producer or upm can make decisions.

This course is delivered via streaming.

Target Audience

Graduates and graduates from fields related to accounting and finance.

Graduates and alumni of the production speciality.

Course participants should have an intermediate-advanced level of MS Excel.

Admission requirements

No additional documentation is required to access this course.

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