ESCAC and Mediaset present ‘Showrunner – Aula de ficción’.

The two companies join forces to train the fiction creators of the future.
31.10.18 - Escac Studio,

The managing director of Mediaset España, Paolo Vasile, and the director of the ESCAC, Sergi Casamitjana, have presented the course “Showrunner – Aula de ficción“, which will seek out and train young creative talent in the field of fiction, providing them with the necessary tools to become the future showrunners of national fiction.

The course will last two academic years, consisting of three semesters of training at ESCAC and a final, eminently practical semester at Mediaset España or one of its subsidiaries. Sergi Casamitjana, director of ESCAC, considers this “the minimum time to do in-depth training” and pointed out the importance of the search process for the 12 students who will make up the classroom: “It will be an exhaustive process that will last about five months to find people with other points of view, other ways of seeing the world, we are looking for transversality. We are looking for kids with potential, to give them training that will allow them to acquire the necessary knowledge to join the industry as showrunners“.

According to Paolo Vasile, “there are so many opportunities and needs for fiction that we have to strengthen the production pillar and what better way to do it than with ESCAC, which combines didactics with practice and understands fiction as the sum of the work of many“.

In this sense, the managing director of Mediaset España explained the spirit of this project: “We are looking for talented people and that is why we have launched this project, so that they can flourish, we can refine them and, most importantly, they can coexist with other talents, who want to tell stories in an orderly manner. Serious people to make series’ is not a gratuitous claim, but it obeys the need to look for people who seriously want to do the job, who have a strong demand to tell stories. The greatest talent is hidden in ordinary people“.

The course will be attended by showrunners such as Aitor Gabilondo, Daniel Écija and Alberto Caballero, who participated in the presentation of the Aula de Ficción.

The selection of candidates will take place from November through the ESCAC website and will consist of 4 phases, through which the 12-15 students who will start the course in September 2019 will be selected.