ESCAC takes part in Writers for Europe

International initiative of the screenwriting departments of the FAMU, NFTS, NFA and ESCAC schools.
23.01.19 - Escac Studio,

ESCAC has participated in the Writers for Europe Programme, an initiative that brings together four screenwriters from four different European schools (FAMU, NFTS, NFA and ESCAC) to write a feature film together.

Last May, screenwriting students from the four schools met for a week at FAMU in Prague to get to know each other and present their proposals. A panel of screenwriting professors from the four schools were in charge of choosing from among all the submitted proposals. Recent graduate Bianca Franceza was chosen from ESCAC. Subsequently, the participants spent a weekend in each of the cities to share their ideas; in May they were in Barcelona, in September at the NFA in Amsterdam, in December at the FAMU in Prague, and the last one took place at the NFTS in London.

The Writers for Europe Programme was born in 2010 as a symposium in Berlin, during a meeting between the screenwriting departments of the Deutsche Film und Fernseh Akademie Berlin (DFFB), the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield (NFTS), the Netherlands Film Academy and the Prague Film and TV School (FAMU). ESCAC became a member of the programme in 2016.

Writers for Europe was born to help students develop a sense for European stories and projects with international appeal. Learning through collaboration to cross linguistic and national borders and become the leading international screenwriters of the future.

Writers for Europe has been a unique experience for me, giving me the opportunity to travel, learn about different methodologies and see how other film schools work. But above all, it has allowed me to meet screenwriters from different countries and with very different styles. Creating a project together has been enriching and has opened me up to new project possibilities.