Selected projects in the Opera Prima Lab

ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya) is pleased to announce the six projects selected for its Opera Prima Lab 2022, which is funded by the ICAA and the Next Generation funds.
05.07.22 - Escac Studio,

Among the more than 200 applications received, six projects have been selected for this year’s edition of the Laboratory: four feature-length fiction films, one documentary and one series.

The main objective of the Ópera Prima Lab is to promote and support projects by new creators. Thus, most of the projects selected are the first feature films of their authors.

Projects selected in the 2022 call of the Ópera Prima Laboratory:


ÉXTASIS (Series)
Authors: Lucía Rodríguez Malvido and Marina Wagner Moll.
Producer: Lucía Rodríguez Malvido.

SEMILLAS DE KIVU (Documentary)
Author: Néstor López Ferreira.

ECO (Feature Fiction)
Authors: Ignacio Gutiérrez-Solana Aizpurua and Jordi Farga Ruiz.

Author: Laura Ferrés Moreno.
Producers: Adrià Monés Murlans and Ariadna Rodríguez.

SACAMANTECAS (Feature Fiction)
Authors: David Pérez Sañudo, Sergio Granda, Joanes Urkixo and Asier Guerricaechevarría.
Producers: Kevin Iglesias and Elena Maeso.

SALEN LAS LOBAS (Feature Fiction)
Author: Claudia Estrada Tarascó.
Producer: Alba Sotorra Clua and Mar Maduell.


The Ópera Prima Laboratory, which is financed by the ICAA and the Next Generation funds, is a programme open to new authors and producers of our cinematography so that they can develop their first feature films, series or products in new audiovisual formats, whether documentary or fiction, with the aim of being exploited industrially.

As a first activity of the Laboratory, its members were able to participate in the Ópera Prima Proyecta Conference, held in Barcelona from 20 to 22 June, where the participants attended training sessions focused on marketing and audiovisual exploitation.

The sessions included: the Film Marketing Seminar with Carlota Caso (expert in Film Distribution, Marketing and Sales, Coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Film Business at ESCAC) and the Workshop “Situation of the current industry” and the practical workshop “How do I position my project” with Arturo Guillen (EVP & Global Manager Director, Comscore) and Luis Vargas (Vice President LATAM ComScore), who analysed the projects selected in the Ópera Prima Laboratory.

The Ópera Prima Proyecta Conference culminated in a pitch to representatives of the audiovisual industry specialising in film and series marketing: Mercedes Gamero and Pablo Nogueroles (Co-founders of Beta Fiction), Vicente Canales (Managing Director at Film Factory), María Rubín (Head of Spanish cinema at Movistar+), Jaume Ripoll (Co-founder, Editorial and Development Director of FILMIN), Xavi Toll (Head of Scripted Development at Zeta Studios), Sandra Tapia (Executive Producer at Arcadia Motion Pictures), Carlos Alonso (film director), Marta Buchaca (playwright), Aintza Serra (director of the Ópera Prima Lab) and Sergi Casamitjana (director of ESCAC).

Over the next few months, the six projects selected as part of ESCAC’s Opera Prima Lab will prepare audiovisual material and present it again to the industry at the second meeting of the lab, which will take place at the Sitges Film Festival.