24.12.17 - Escac Studio,

The girl from the song (La chica de la canción) can be seen on the NETFLIX platform from today in all territories.

The girl from the song , one of the five films developed and produced within the framework of ESCAC’s Opera Prima Project, is set in a unique event in the world in the middle of the Nevada desert, where the ESCAC team, directed by Ibai Abad, was shooting for 15 days. The shooting of the film was completed in London with the collaboration of Regent’s University.

The girl from the song is a journey about the crazy things we do for love and how sometimes human flaws get in our way.

The film, which has a technical team made up of ESCAC graduates, was shot in English and has Film Factory as its international sales agent.


Eric is a young music student living on a London campus. One night, while practising his guitar, a shoe falls from a tree and he meets Jo, a beautiful, impulsive girl who is fleeing through the window of a room on campus. Opposites attract and inevitably they soon become infatuated with each other. There is something especially appealing about this girl and the way she slowly pulls Eric out of his bubble. One day, when everything seems to be going swimmingly, and Eric is sure of their relationship, Jo leaves. After a failed attempt to move on with his life as it was before Jo, Eric sets out on an adventure to get her back and decides to travel to Burning Man, in the middle of the Nevada desert.